What is Roof Decking?

 There is a lot of finesse that goes into the process of installing a roof. Mainly because putting a new roof on your home isn’t always just new shingles. You may need new flashing, underlayment, and decking; all of which contribute to the importance of having a professional installation.

Most of us do not even know what these components are. For instance, what is roof decking? Why do you need it; what purpose does it serve? Once we understand the different components of the roof’s system, then we can truly appreciate the whole process.

Roof Decking in California

You can think of roof decking as the backbone of the roof. Essentially, the roof decking will serve as the much needed structural support for the roofing system. The decking needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of the different roofing components. Depending on the needs of the roof, such as weight and weather conditions, different materials can be used in order to match those needs. Most residential buildings will use plywood (or tongue and groove wood) because it allows for flexibility when it comes to the variety of different roofing materials it supports. With commercial buildings, materials such as concrete or steel are often chosen for the roofing deck because they are very strong materials and more suitable to apply across longer spans of building. Generally, commercial buildings have heavier equipment on the rooftop (for example, AC units or circulation pumps) that need to be maintained or repaired. This means the decking will also have to support frequent trips to the roof. Need help choosing a material for your roof decking in California? You can call our Orange County team at (800) 766-8000 for an inspection or request a callback

 Your Roof Decking is Important!

Not only is roof decking designed to support the roofing system, but it also contributes to certain aspects of performance, providing enhancements to fire-resistant ratings, storm drainage, wind-uplift, or thermal performances. So asking the question “what is roof decking?” is more dynamic than you may think. It has to be sturdy and dependable yet also adaptable to the movement of the building overall. Proper installation is key to the roof’s lifespan and should be handled by professionals with expertise in their craft.