Why do you need steel roof tune-ups?

Avoid the expense of replacing your steel roof before it’s out of warranty

Solidly built steel roofs in California should last well past 50 years when properly maintained and depending on other environmental factors. Think of the high-winds, debris, and earth movements that may affect the condition of your steel roof in California.

California metal roof tune-up details

  • Check and tune-up the roofs caulking
  • Check and fix your roofs painted flashing
  • Check and repair any rubber components damaged from exposure to the elements
  • Remove and dispose of any debris on your roof (leaves, branches, other)
  • Clean out roof gutters
  • Repair any roof chip vent pipe flashings
  • Repair any dents in your roof metal panels
  • Weatherstrip and seal your skylights
  • Weatherstrip and seal other parts of your roof
  • Weatherstrip and seal roof antennas
  • Install roof spark arrester to your chimney
  • Install gutter covers to reduce eliminate future cleanings
How your California roof can be damaged

If you have questions or want to know more about our tune-up services please give us a call or request a metal roof tune-up service appointment in California.

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