How much will you spend on electricity over the next 5 to 20 years?

Based on a conservative estimated annual increase of 5%, if you are paying $150 per month you will be paying over $62,400 in 20 years. With solar roofing in California, you could save as much as $40,785 on your electric bill over the same time period. Call us to speak with our solar roofing experts and find out what you could be saving.

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California solar roof system can save you money on electric bill

Are solar roofs goof for the environment?

Renewable energy is a natural choice. Harnessing the sun’s energy can reduce dependency on fossil fuels and provide clean, affordable electricity for your home or business. Furthermore, by installing solar roofing in California, we lessen our reliance on fossil fuels which cause extensive harm to our environment worldwide.

  • Helps to keep our air clean
  • Potential to reduce the production of CO2
  • Makes use of secure and sustainable natural resources

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    Our sister company, Cira Energy Inc., offers solar energy systems to save you energy and money. During our estimation process, we will also provide a FREE roof inspection. We want to make sure your roof and solar roof installation last you for ages.

    To learn more about our solar services through Cira Energy Inc., please visit Cira Energy, Inc..

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    Want to start saving money on your electric bill? Ask us about Southern California’s solar roof systems financing options. And YES!, we absolutely can install solar roof systems on metal roofs. Learn more or call us to discover your financing options: (800) 766-8000.

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