Hermosa Beach Homeowners Association roofing problems

A roofing frustration in California
The homeowners association of a Hermosa Beach, CA complex grew frustrated with repeated attempts by several roofing companies to fix roof problems at their 9 unit condominium association.

They finally reached out to our friendly roofing specialist Todd, with Western Roofing Systems in California. Impressed by our track record helping residential and commercial properties with their roofing needs, the homeowners association subsequently contracted Western Roofing Systems for all their roofing repairs. Request an appointment today.

Free roof inspection and roof report

The HOA met with Western Roofing Systems and several other companies to review and discuss their roof repair issues. After the interview process, Western Roofing Systems was awarded the project. Unlike other companies, WRS took the time to discuss all the issues and long term goals of the HOA and provided a detailed report on how all the roof repair issues would be addressed. The primary goals of the HOA were to properly address the leak issues and look at options on prolonging the life of the existing flat roof areas. The secondary goal was to accomplish this at a reasonable cost and within their budget.

Roofing experience matters

After our detailed inspection, California based Western Roofing Systems determined that the standing seam steel roof areas were initially improperly installed causing them to prematurely deteriorate and leak. In the flat roof and low slope areas, it was determined that some of these materials were also improperly installed and were also in need of some overdue maintenance. The issues included: Improper flashing installation causing leaks, cap sheet granular loss causing the cap sheet to prematurely deteriorate, cracks in flashings around plumbing vents causing leaks, water ponding was damaging the cap sheet and a gutter system failure that was causing stucco staining and damage.

Our roof repair solutions

  • Replace the steel standing seam portions
  • Properly reinstall metal flashings in areas that were previously improperly installed
  • Reseal all plumbing vent flashing
  • Replace aging skylights
  • Fill ponding areas with a material designed for roof ponding
  • Coat the existing flat roof areas with an elastomeric coating to protect the roof and prevent cap sheet granular loss (prolonging its life expectancy) and the coating also helped to reduce heat dropping to the interior below due to its reflecting properties.
  • Replace the gutter and downspout system
  • Learn about roof repair financing

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