Don’t do this to your roof in California

When it comes to your roof, you probably don’t have much interaction with it. You may look at it from time to time and thank it for keeping you and your family safe from the elements, but that is pretty much it.

On rare occasions, we do have situations that involve the roof. For instance, you might be hanging lights during the holidays. When do you know if you are doing things that are bad for your roof? With your limited roof interaction, and it not being a common topic of discussion, you could be unknowingly harming your roof.

Walking on Your Roof

You’ve seen it in movies where people climb on their roof to watch the stars at night. As cinematic as that sounds, going up on your roof should not be a leisure activity. For one, it is dangerous and you could get seriously hurt. Think you’re made of steel? We still don’t recommend it unless you’re a trained professional and unless your roof is a standing seam roof or metal roof installed by Western Roofing Systems in California, I wouldn’t walk on it too. Remember, if your roof is not made of steel you will most likely cause damage to it especially if it’s already old.

Also, if you do not step on your roof correctly, you could potentially damage your roof’s shingles. If you walk on the roof, you may also be scraping away the granules. These granules are meant to protect your roof from UV rays. Loss of granules on your roof shingles may speed-up the aging process, especially here in California where we get a lot of sun! If your roof is suffering from sun damage, call your local roofers at (800) 766-8000. You can also have one of our friendly roofers contact you. We are ready to assist you whether you are up in San Jose or down here in Anaheim.  

 Hiring Someone to Cut Holes in the Roof

This one may seem a bit obvious, but it is not as apparent when you are doing home renovations. Be wary of letting someone cut a hole in your roof for things such as a roof vent or skylight. If any kind of remodeling or installation requires you to cut a hole in your roof, you better hire a professional contractor with roofing experience. The hole must be correctly cut, sealed, and dressed appropriately in order to mitigate potential leaks or other types of water damage. If you want to avoid roof repair costs, call a California roofing professional. Western Roofing Systems has been installing stone coated metal roofs by Metro (now Boral Roofing), for decades. We also provide solar roofing solutions to help increase your home’s energy efficiency and help reduce utility costs.

Financing is Available

From roof repairs to complete roof installations or solar roof systems. Western Roofing Systems in California offers your financing options to meet your home repairs. Please call us at (800) 766-8000 to speak with one of our friendly team members. Want to learn more about available financing options? Visit our financing page.