What bothers your roof in California

So you’re in your San Jose home, enjoying a relaxing evening alone without having a thing to worry about. Or do you? Is your roof suffering in silence? Usually, your roof keeps its problems to itself (if roofs could speak).

It is your responsibility to make sure your roof is getting the proper attention it needs in order to live a long and happy life! There are some burdens that your roof could potentially experience, and we have listed a few of the things that damage your roof below.

Fallen Debris

There are two types of things that damage your roof in this category. First, we have the loud, obnoxious tree limb that falls onto the roof. Then we have the truly silent aggressors, fallen leaves and pine needles.

  • Having a tree limb fall on your roof is usually pretty obvious and should be dealt with immediately. Heavy branches can do a lot of damage to your roof by either breaking the shingles or even creating a hole! A good way to combat this is to take preventative measures and survey your home. Keep a lookout for potential hazards (possibly weak, diseased branches) and remove them. If you need help with roof maintenance and repair in California, then you should definitely call your local San Jose team at (408) 827-4628 for an inspection. You can also have one of our friendly roofers contact you.
  • Don’t be fooled by leaves and pine needles! Although seemingly harmless, leaves and pine needles are things that damage your roof. In the autumn season, leaves that fall are often wet, and as they accumulate on the roof, they can collect more water when piled together. The leaves and pine needles can cause moisture to get trapped in the shingles. This leads to the potential for rot. A really bad case can cause a roofing leak! To help prevent this deterioration, you should be maintaining your roof. If you have noticed damage to your roof, we have local teams in Northern California and Southern California ready to assist you with an inspection!