What is Roof Flashing?

 If someone told you to check your flashing on the roof, would you look for some sort of blinking light? If so, then this is the article for you. Water can be problematic for your roof when it comes to the weather.

It is difficult to predict when it will rain, and it’s hard to control where it lands. The roof flashing is meant to help control the water that lands on your home. You’re not alone if you were wondering what is roof flashing, but now it’s your responsibility to know what it is in order to protect you and your property in California!

The Purpose of Flashing on a Roof

The roof flashing is usually a piece of sheet metal that is placed over the joints of a roof in order to help prevent water from entering your home. Flashing is commonly used on areas of the roof that protrude from the structure (such as chimneys or fan vents). What flashing does is help redirect rainwater from the roof to the ground in order to prevent water-related damage. So if your roof’s flashing is properly installed and maintained, then it should be doing its job by diverting water away from the home. If you are in need of an experienced California roofing contractor, whether you’re up north in San Jose or down here in Orange County, then call us at (800) 766-8000 for installations, repairs, and inspections. You can also request a callback for our services.   

 Flashing Should be Built to Last

It should go without saying that the material used for flashing, often aluminum or steel, should be weather resistant and sturdy. But the flashing material should also be able to conform to the expansion and retraction of roofing materials which can happen when exposed to hot or cold weather. When installing or repairing roofs, you want to make sure that the roofer is able to properly install the flashing which is vital to its function, lifespan, and leak resistance.

Remember it DOES Rain in California!

Leaking can be a serious problem for the health of your family and your house, and the flashing on the roof is meant to help mitigate water damage. Hopefully, you are no longer asking what is roof flashing, and you are starting to understand its value to your home.