Metal roof in Costa Mesa, California better than asphalt shingle roof

We had the pleasure of helping a retired couple in Costa Mesa, CA install a new metal roof.

The owners existing roof was composition asphalt shingle, and was approximately 25 – 30 years old. Hank and Mary thought for sure they had to replace the asphalt roof with the same type asphalt shingle roof. They were happy to learn they had other roof options available to them.

Taking all factors into consideration made several points clear:

  1. Hank and Betty’s old roof was definitely in need of replacing
  2. Their home was a perfect candidate for a multi-layer metal roofing system

Perfect in the sense that Hank and Betty wanted to upgrade to a higher quality, better performing roofing system, but knew they could not afford tile, but little did they know that they could afford the metal system, which is superior to tile.

Since their home’s roof line parallels the street, a new Boral “Shingle” metal roof was the perfect choice for a rich new look while staying with the original architectural design of the home.

The Boral “Shingle” metal roof has some amazing properties

  • Thermal properties to help keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months.
  • Boral shingle metal roofs (now by Boral Roofing in California), weight 112 lbs per 100 sqf vs approximately 300lbs per 100sqf of the asphalt shingle products. Please contact us for more details regarding any updated specs for Boral Roofing made products.
  • Boral’s shingle metal roof delivers less stress on the home’s structural properties vs asphalt shingle roofs

After our roof inspection, we presented Hank and Betty with our recommendation; the Boral Shingle metal roofs. We showed them samples and total cost for the job including all new guttering system. Hand and Betty could not believe it. The fact is Boral metal roofs typically price out at around only 10- to 15-percent more than composition asphalt shingle and is superior in every conceivable way.

Hank and Betty are thrilled with their new metal roof!