Stone Coated Steel Roof in Tustin


Steel Roofs Needs Attention Too

Although it is an excellent roofing material, stone coated steel roofing does not always get the attention it deserves. There are possibly two explanations for this.

  • When most people think of a steel roof, they envision something reminiscent to the roof for a warehouse or a factory, certainly not a home.
  • The other explanation is that some people who see a metal roof may not even know that they are looking at one.

The stone coated shingles we use are made with natural granite stone-chips that are included into the material through a computerized grading & blending process. In short, this provides the roof with a very natural look, often deceiving people into thinking it is another material. Now that we have a different visual for a metal roof, let’s cover some of the benefits of having a stone coated steel roof in Tustin!

Stone Coated Steel Roof in Tustin Benefits

Some metal roofs are made to simulate other materials such as cedar wood shake, asphalt shingles and concrete tile, but metal is definitely superior in comparison. Let’s compare metal and wood materials for instance. First of all, metal roofs do not crack, rot, or burn, all of which wood is highly susceptible to. A metal roof is also less responsive to the elements. So what does this mean? Well, metal roofs do not weather in the same way or as quickly as cedar wood shake does. A roof made of cedar wood shake or another wood material would require a higher level of maintenance to increase the lifespan when compared to a metal roof. Speaking of lifespan, a wood roof on average needs to be replaced every 30 years; metal roofs are estimated to last up to 80 years. Imagine getting a stone coated steel roof in Tustin and not having to replace your roof again for the rest of your life! Also, stone coated steel roofs keep the home cooler and can save a homeowner money on their electric bill. Click here to learn more about how metal keeps your home cool.


We Are Here to Help!

At Western Roofing Systems (WRS), we have years of experience in the roofing industry. Just know you are in good hands when you entrust us with your home. We are more inclined to recommend a metal roof because we know the potential benefits that accompany the material. The cottage shingles we use for our metal roofs have stood the test of time, so we will continue to recommend them to our clients. Whether it be a home, school, office, etc. (residential area or a commercial), WRS is here to help! If you are in need of a new roof and a trustworthy roofing contractor, look no further.

Wood Roofs are Boring. Go with Metal!

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Solar roofs CAN be installed on metal roofs. Want to learn more?

Western Roofing Systems through Cira Energy, our solar roof division, provides solar roof systems. Contact us for more information on how you can start saving money, or visit our Cira Energy website today!

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