Roof granule loss in California

Have you recently cleaned your gutters and noticed an unusual amount of granules in the eavestroughs? It is pretty concerning when excessive amounts of granules are eroding away from your roof shingles.

Usually, the balding of your shingles is due to them nearing the end of their life span. But really, how important are your roof granules? Do you even need them on your roof? You do! Here are a few reasons why roofing granule loss should be dealt with as soon as possible.

What Are Granules For?

When it comes to the roofing material, the manufacturing process for asphalt shingles involves the incorporation of granules. These small, rough granules are put there to serve multiple functions beneficial for your home.

  • First of all, these granules help ward off the sun’s UV rays in an attempt to preserve the coating of the asphalt shingle (which can cause deterioration).
  • The granules were meant to add to the roof’s potential for fire resistance.

If you think your Orange County roof needs an inspection, call your local roofing team in Anaheim at (800) 766-8000 . You can also send a roofer contact request.   

  Why You Should Care

These are two very specific features that should catch your interest if you live in the Orange County area. Our California skies are relatively clear and the sunlight is definitely an abundant resource. Your roof’s exposure to excessive sunlight is typically year-round, so it could be damaged by UV rays. Also, areas around Anaheim are prone to fires. I’m sure we can appreciate the extra precaution for fire resistance when it comes to our history of wildfires.

Our Team is Ready to Help!

Looking for a local roofer? Do not put off getting your roof inspected just because you do not want to deal with it! It is important to catch the problem early. You may need a roof repair, a partial replacement, or a complete new roof installation. The only way to really know for sure is to have a professional take a look. Roof inspections are free at Western Roofing Systems in California. Best of all, we offer excellent service, great products and style options are highly competitive prices. We also have financing available. 

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