California Metal Roof Installation in Santa Ana

Another homeowner sees the benefit of a metal roof installation and decides to trust the material to protect their home.

Western Roofing Systems in California was able to provide another family with a high quality roof that will last them for years to come. The particular name of the material used was Metro Cottage roof shingles (now manufactured Boral Roofing). One concern was the appearance of the roof after the installation; nobody wants their home to look like a shed or warehouse. But Metro Cottage roof shingles uses stone chips with contrasting colors in order to obtain that more natural look of a roof, fitting many building styles aesthetically while reaping the benefits of a steel roof. The many features provided by the Metro Cottage shingle (Boral Roofing) improves the durability and increases the cost savings, all while maintaining a classic cottage style feel. Ultimately, the owner was convinced to “give the okay” on his Santa Ana,California metal roof installation. It is clearly the economical decision when considering the limited maintenance required for upkeep.

Metal Vs. Asphalt

Prior to this Santa Ana metal roof installation, the home had a roof made of asphalt shingles. The moment when most people would probably prefer a steel roof opposed to wood or asphalt would be in the process of comparing durability. Metro Cottage roof shingles extends the lifespan of your roof, so having to go through this process of roof replacement again is greatly prolonged. Also, stone coated steel will be your best bet when wanting to protect your home from the natural elements. When accounting for all the positives that come with metal roofing, it is easily justifiable to pay more for the roof now and save a lot more on the cost of fixing a deteriorating roof later. So when you finally get around to getting that roof fixed on your home, we hope we are your #1 choice! We will help you find and install the roofing material for your needs. Contact us today or give us a call. 

Financing options are available

If you’re in the market for a new roof but need roof financing, our Hero or Pace Funding options offer great opportunities. Learn about our financing options. If you are ready to schedule a roof inspection and analysis, give us a call at (800) 766-8000.