California roof repairs are an investment

Poor roof repairs in Hermosa Beach required roof repairs by Western Roofing Systems in California.

Ever go buy a new pair of jeans or a shirt only to find out it’s the wrong size when you go to wear it? Well, this story was something like that. The roof repairs that was initially completed by the builder was the wrong material for the structures roof pitch. The builder used a heavy concrete tile roof product designed for a roof that requires a minimum pitch of 14 degrees. This was definitely the wrong roof. The builder installed a ceramic tile roof on a virtually flat roof surface causing water to collect under the tile and eventually causing the underlayment to deteriorate and leak. We are not sure how this new roof installation got past its original inspections with the city but we started working on the problem as follows.

Nobody wants a leaky roof especially after you’ve just had roof repairs!

Our goal was to find the proper roofing system solution that would be functional and aesthetically pleasing. There were some logistic issues.

  • Three-story building
  • Limited access to remove existing materials and load the new one
  • It could not be an eyesore! (This roof is viewable from a rooftop deck)
  • Customer concerned with possible termite inspection
  • The current pitch of the roof in the low slope areas
  • Fix water problem

Once we analyzed and resolved these issues, we were able to move forward with the project. We removed the original material and replaced all existing plywood sheathing to relieve our client’s termite concerns. Our client felt the expense was well worth the roof repairs and investment. We also corrected the pitch slow issue and finally installed the standing seam metal roof. The new system will allow for the lower-pitched roof to drain properly and provide the homeowner with the aesthetics they wanted while improving their view.