Why You Should Not Install Your Own Roof #2

There are a lot of services we pay for on a regular basis that we honestly could just do ourselves and save the money. For instance, getting your car washed, going to dinner at a nice restaurant, or having someone clean your home. But there are just some things that you cannot or should not do yourself.

If you don’t know cars, you’ll probably end up paying a mechanic when something happens to your vehicle. If you don’t know computers, you may need the IT guy to help you when it crashes. The same should be said about your roof. If you are not an experienced, licensed professional, you should not be installing your own roof. There are many reasons why DIY roof installation is frowned upon, but here are a few listed below that should help solidify the statement.

You May Not See the Whole Problem

So you saw some damage on your roof and watched a video online on how to fix it. Sounds easy enough right? WRONG! Just because there is a problem readily apparent does not mean there isn’t an underlying issue. If you have no roofing experience and an untrained eye, there is a high probability you will miss the serious problem you’re trying to fix on your roof. For example. If there is a leak on your roof, and you decide to just patch it and paint over it, that doesn’t necessarily solve the problem! What is happening beneath the surface? How much water is trapped underneath? Is there mold or other related water damage you just patched over? A small problem with your roof today can turn into a serious problem for the structural integrity later. If you are in San Jose or Orange County and want to have an inspection, call our California office at (800) 766-8000. You can also have one of our friendly roofers contact you.

DIY roof installation

You May Not Save Money on a DIY Roof Installation

So if you bought all the roofing materials needed and tried a DIY roof installation, wouldn’t that save you money? WRONG again! This ties into the reason above. Not doing it right the first time can cost you time and money in the long run. If the problem on your roof was not addressed properly, then you would have no choice but to call an experienced roofing contractor to fix it. These professionals know what to look out for and can offer solutions and services for a successful roofing installation. Maybe you do not need a total roof installation, but you would need a professional inspection in order to know that for sure! Spend your money wisely, and hire a California roofing expert for your home’s needs. Whether you are up north in San Jose or down south in Orange County, our team is ready to assist you!

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