Do you own a water proof roof in Califorinia?

Spring Maintenance and Roof Repair in Orange County

The recent winter season in California set new rainfall records, relieving the state of severe drought over the past several years. In places like Orange County where it’s typically sunny all year round, the heavy rains happening weekly in the last couple of months were a welcomed gift. We were so relieved with the rain in Southern California that we probably haven’t been paying much attention to the roofs of our homes. In fact, when was the last time you performed roof maintenance on your house or commercial property in Orange County? Now that spring and summer are fast approaching, this is a great time to get your roof in check!

Was your Orange County roof spared from leaks this winter season?

Just because you didn’t notice any signs of roof leaks whenever it rained, doesn’t mean there aren’t any potential problems waiting to take you and your home’s finances by storm the next time. Failing to do routine maintenance could lead to very expensive roof repair costs, or having to replace your roof much sooner. We haven’t even discussed the potential damage to the structure of your property from mold build-up, wood decay, or structural integrity. This season while you’re out cleaning the gutters, you may also want to check your roof for the following:

  • Stripped, damaged, or badly worn shingles
  • Signs of discoloration, mold, or moss collecting on surfaces
  • Rust forming on metal parts
  • Cracks on seals, joints, and flashing

There is no such thing as a water proof roof in California.

Maintaining your roof and doing necessary small repairs can prove to be a challenge even if you consider yourself a handy do-it-yourselfer. It can be very dangerous and you could easily slip if you’re not used to walking or working at great heights. Hiring a professional to fix any of the problems listed above saves you from headaches and ensure your house is leak-free.

The skilled and experienced roofers at Western Roofing Systems guarantees to get any job done right and give you the greatest peace of mind.

We provide roof repairs, roof replacements and roof installations for residential and commercial properties across California. Roofing is our business from San Jose, San Francisco to Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and surrounding areas. Additionally, our years in the roofing business has allowed us to also include solar roofing as one of our products and services.

Costly roof repair expenses add up if you only patch your roof in California

From Orange County, Los Angeles to roof repairs, roof replacements or roof installation in Campbell, CA; our roofing professionals will advise you on the best solution for your roof so you do not have to worry about potential roof mold build up or other roof structural issues.

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