Things That Damage Your Roof

Things You Should Avoid Doing to Your Newport Beach Roof:

Mounting a Satellite Dish:

It’s not uncommon to see satellite dishes mounted on the houses in your neighborhood. In fact, it is a fairly standard practice that most service providers will propose for your satellite dish installation. But your response should be, “No way!” This would be one of those things that damage your roof. If you got a dish mounted onto your shingles, that usually means the person installing it has screwed some bolts into your roof, a.k.a. holes! Now it may not seem like a big deal at first. But as the roof ages, it expands and contracts due to the weather, along with the holes created by the bolts. This opens up the potential for leaks and other types of water damage! So if you ever need to install a satellite dish on your home, make sure you explore different mounting options. Some providers have dealt with this issue and use certain precautions and procedures that help combat the potential for roof damage. If your Newport Beach home has a damaged roof, call your California roofing contractors today at (800) 766-8000. You can also have one of our friendly roofers contact you.

Basketball Hoop on the Roof:

Alright, so if you finally convinced your family to consider mounting a basketball hoop on the side of the roof, and they found this article, then sorry! There are multiple reasons why you should not do that. Oddly enough, your roof was not manufactured with the idea of mounting a hoop in mind; what a surprise! Imagine a basketball banging against the backboard over and over again. From a technical standpoint, the constant impact of the ball can cause the bolts supporting the hoop to put strain on your roof’s seal, creating wear and deterioration. If the seal is damaged, than there is exposure and potential for water damage. All these things that damage your roof can be easily avoided with a bit of research before you make the decision!

Things That Damage Your Roof

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