The Benefits of a Roof Installation in California

Installing a roof in California

At some point, repairing your roof will no longer do the trick. Eventually you will need to have a roof installation. It is definitely intimidating for a homeowner when considering the prospect of a new roof, but you should not put off the inevitable. There are a few immediate benefits of a roof installation to put the mind at ease when having to make this important decision!

Better Energy Efficiency!

When considering a roof replacement in California, stop and think about the potential energy efficiency increase! If you are in need for a roof installation, chances are your shingles are quite old and outdated. Roofs and roofing materials are continuously evolving. New materials, such as metal, have reflective properties which reduce the amount of heat trapped by your roof and also help keep your home warmer during the winter months. In the end, you will have better temperature control and avoid air escaping through your aged roof.

Benefits of a Roof Installation

Higher Property Value

One of the more obvious benefits of a roof installation would be an increased value to your property! If you ever think you might sell your home one day, than replacing your roof will make your home very attractive to potential buyers. An average return on investment is said to be around 70%. People looking for houses know roof replacement comes at a premium, so don’t let prospective buyers walk away. Also your roof’s quality is dependant on who you hire to install it, so make sure you get it done right the first time! Call your local roofing contractor today at (800) 766-8000 for an inspection. You can also request a callback for our services.

Your Family’s Health!

At times, the potential hazards of a diminishing roof are obvious. Large sections of missing shingles or holes in your roof can be a safety concern for you and your family, and constant repairs may be throwing money into bottomless pit. A dilapidated roof is not only unsightly but extremely dangerous, prone to collapsing! But what about some of the signs that are not so obvious? Having a roof inspection can determine whether or not you have a less detectable hazard such as mold, mildew or structural integrity.

Get Rid of That Old Roof!

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