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Replace Concrete Tile With Steel:

We wanted to replace our concrete tile roof with something that would look similar to the flat tile design that our roof currently had and replace with a product that would not crack or break like our concrete tile (many of the concrete tiles were cracked or broken after 16 years of use). We knew metal roofing exists that simulated other roofing materials and found that the Metro Shake 2 with Western Roofing Systems would be our best choice. We chose Western Roofing Systems because of their expertise with metal roofing and the fact that they have a local office that services the Sacramento Valley. Gregory Alvarez, Elk Grove, Ca.

My husband and I re roofed our home in 2000. We replaced our wood shake roof with concrete tile. Because the roof was heavier, we had to have an engineer do a report; along with get approvals from the city and HOA. We were assured by the contractor, the city, the engineer and the HOA that this roof was OK. Two years after the concrete roof was installed we noticed problems with our house: sliding doors sticking, cracks in and out and door frames separating. We have talked with seven structural experts since then and all have said the roof should not have been put on.We have now paid thousands more to have this roof torn off and replaced with a truly lightweight steel roof with Western Roofing Systems. We had considered steel by Western Roofing Systems originally, but in an effort to save a little money, we went with the concrete tile. We should have gone with the right product in the first place. It is worth the extra few dollars. Ann Berger, San Juan Capistrano, Ca.

I purchased the house in 2001 and like all new homeowners, started the process of upgrading my investment. My wood shake roof was in fair condition, but I wanted a more updated look to match the surrounding neighborhood. I chose to re roof using light weight concrete tiles. HUGE MISTAKE.The roof structure held the tile roof I suppose, except that the additional weight created some alarming issues?drywall cracks on the interior, exterior stucco cracks and the roof line started to bow.

At the suggestion of an office colleague who utilized your firm, I have Western Roofing Systems a call and they replaced my concrete tile roof with a Metro Shake 2 steel roof. Thank you again for sharing your expertise and knowledge of your craft by resolving an escalating roof failure at my home. Earl Pattschull, Anaheim Hills, Ca.

Given the busy pace of our personal and professional lives we often forget to thank those that of helped us along the way. The purpose of this letter is to make sure that does not happen with you or Western Roofing Systems. As you are aware, Sharon and I contracted with another roofing company that did not complete the roof on our home. We were between a rock and a hard place. Kevin, you and Western came to our aid and completed our project. Your work was truly professional and it shows in our new roof. Thank you. Gary Susnara, Rocklin, Ca.

If you are considering a roof, please read this recommendation. A roof is a major home improvement dollar wise and appearance wise. So making the most informed decision could save you money, time, and aggravation. Last year I replaced my roof, I was trying to get the best deal and I went with the lesser of the quotes. Jim Farell of Western Roofing Systems warned me that underbidding would compromise the quality of the job and the end results were very much like Jim warned.

In the end, it was Western I called to fix the other roofing company's shortcomings. I highly recommend and praise Western Roofing Systems work ethics and quality of their craftsmanship. I do not refer contractors readily. But when I find a good one I like to spread the word. Western Roofing Systems does a superior job!! Karen Maguire, Santa Ana, Ca.

Weight of Roofing Materials:

In the fall of 1993, I procrastinated and decided to wait out the holidays before re roofing my home. Being out of sight and out of mind, I still had my old wood shake roof when the Northridge earthquake hit. In comparing with my next door neighbor the damages from the quake, I could not believe what my neighbor was saying about the damage they incurred inside their home. I started talking with friends and neighbors and found in most cases the homes in my neighborhood with concrete roofs had more damage than a home just a hundred feet away with a lighter roof.

After hearing a seeing what even a light concrete roof can do to a home in an earthquake, I never considered concrete again as a choice in roofing. Robert Reeves, Chatsworth, Ca.

We had been concerned about adding the weight of concrete tile roofing; like Eagle Lite etc., that other roofing contractors were recommending for us. Western Roofing Systems came by our home and suggested a Metro Shake steel roof that would not add weight to our home.

We called the city of Brea and talked with a building inspector. We told him about our different choices and the concern about the additional weight with a cement roof. He stated that our home wasn't designed to carry the extra weight and that we'd be better off to go with the steel roof. Thank you for helping us through the process.