Steel Roof Walkability

Is a Steel Roof walkable?? YES!!

The most walkable stone coated steel roof design is the Metro Shake 2.

Through years of manufacturing steel panels, Metro developed a unique process of engineering the strongest stone coated steel available in the market. The Metro Shake 2 panel can be installed either direct to the deck or on battens.

If installed direct to deck, the Metro Shake 2 panel is nailed or screwed into the skip or plywood sheathing. Although an air gap still exists, allowing for a thermal movement of air, the direct to deck method provides for the strongest installation and therefore the most walk able of any other method of installation.

Most stone coated steel panel roof assemblies require the steel panels to be fastened with nails or screws to a 2 x 2 wood batten. When walking on a steel roof with battens, only walk where the 2 x 2 battens are. Do not walk or step in the middle of the panel. The middle is not supported by battens and will dent if walked/stepped on.

Options exist to provide a sturdier steel panel by installing either a foam insert or a mid batten. These are options only and are not a requirement of a quality installation.

Standing Seam panels can be walked on because they lay flat onto the plywood deck. Yet, wear soft soled shoes to walk on the panels and be extra careful to have clean shoes. The painted finish on most steel standing seam panels will scratch easily, so exercise care when walking on the panels.