Myth #10: the Solar Myth

Solar Roofing in California

Solar energy has made leaps and bounds since it’s conception! It is a very exciting prospect for your home’s potential energy source. It’s renewable, clean, and just environmentally friendly in general. We usually hear about breakthroughs in solar energy, yet it seems that this energy option is so scarce. Despite knowing what solar panels are and the benefits they have, people are still apprehensive to try what solar has to offer. Much of solar energy’s negative conceptions come from outdated information. This article is meant to dispel some of the rumors still floating around about solar roofing and hopefully highlight the advantages of solar roofing in California!

Myth: Solar is an unreliable source of energy.

If you decide to go with solar roofing in California, you will be pleasantly surprised to realize this is flat out wrong. Solar energy sources can be even more reliable than your local utility companies. First of all, they are not subject to power outages and do not depend on motion in order to generate energy. Orange County, in particular, has grown in their potential reliance on solar power. On March 5th of 2018, solar provided California with 50% of its citizens electrical needs. At times, we even end up pushing our generated power to other states due to our abundance and risk of going over capacity. Interested in learning more about solar panels? Call our Orange County team at (800) 766-8000 for an inspection. You can also have one of our friendly roofers contact you.

Solar Roofing in California

Below is a list of other myths we busted for homeowners from San Jose to Orange County!

Myth List:

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