Solar Panels on a Metal Roof? YES!

Today, more and more Orange County homeowners are trading asphalt shingles for metal roofs and lower insurance premiums, which is great. But it also begs the question whether or not one would be able to get a solar roof on a metal roof installation, more specifically on metal shingles. The answer is a resounding “YES” – solar panels can absolutely be installed on a metal roof. But, many Orange County contractors are not that familiar with either metal roofs or solar energy panels, let alone on how to marry the two.

Solar Roof on a Metal Roof Installation in Orange County

So, if an Orange County contractor tells you it can’t be done… or that it can’t be done without risking the integrity of your roof, talk to a different contractor because a solar roof on a metal roof installation in Orange County is a completely viable option.

Generally speaking, not all solar system installers are experts with roofing, moreover metal roofing; most will not even quote the job. But if you have a metal roof and are ready to “go green,” we encourage you to contact our company Cira Energy, part of the Western Roofing Systems family. We can provide you with the professional service of installing a solar roof on your metal roof in Orange County, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas. With 25 years in business and 15,000 installations,Western Roofing Systems and Cira Energy are your #1 choice for the three B’s: BEST quality… BEST service… BEST price.

Installing Solar Roof on a Metal Roof</2>

Most Orange County residential metal roofs today are made from metal shingles. Although they are typically sturdy and attractive, lifetime products, they oftentimes challenge contractors most when contemplating how to perform a solar roof on a metal roof installation. But they do prove to be even more secure and look more sophisticated than a traditional solar installation on an asphalt roof.

Are you ready to put your metal roof to better use and say goodbye to high electrical bills? If the answer is “yes,” then call and speak to one of our roofing and solar experts today and begin your journey with solar roof on a metal roof installation in Orange County:

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