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Why is my roof leaking? What are my options?

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Concrete Roof: If the water is penetrating through the tar paper, then isolate the leak, pull back the concrete tiles, install new tar paper and re-install the old concrete. This can be done for a small area or the entire roof.If water is penetrating the structure, this can be a good time to upgrade the roof material to a lighter, stronger and more energy efficient product.

Broken Concrete Roof: Broken concrete accelerates sun damage to tar paper. Holes in tar paper develop and you will never know until the leak occurs. Tar paper loses its ability to shed water. Tar paper loses oil and becomes as brittle as dry paper.TO REPAIR: Options include new paper and original concrete or new concrete for area leaking or for entire roof – OR – replace roofing material with a different material.

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Concrete Roof: Dirt and debris collect under the concrete tiles, further damaging the tar paper.REPAIR: Remove tar paper and old flashing, install new and re-lay old or new concrete or new roof material.Trim pieces become loose due to earthquake, wind, improper nailing, etc. Best to renail any loose or hanging trim pieces.Tar paper is too worn to keep the water out. Water runs into a wall, flashing is not keeping water from flowing into home.REPAIR: Remove tar paper, replace with new tar paper and relay old concrete, plus install a new cricket against the roof to wall.

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Composition Shingle Roof: Common sun damage after approx. 10 years.REPAIR: Initial repair will be to replace the affected trim plus reseal all flashing.

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Concrete Tile Roof: Broken concrete tile does not protect the tar paper, allowing quicker sun damage and more debris to collect under the tiles.

REPAIR: Must tear up affected area and install new tar paper.

Do you need a new roof?

There are a few tell-tale signs that signal when your roof is in need of repair or replacement, specifically on an existing wood shake roof. Here’s what to look for the next time you look up at your wood shake roof:

Displaced or missing shakes

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As you can see by these photos, there are missing wood shakes in various locations on the roof, as well as at the hips. From a distance it appears to be no big deal, but when you get close up you can see that there may be voids in the roof. This can lead to leaking anytime it rains, even if no water stains show up on your ceilings.

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This client had no idea that the roof was in such poor condition. As you can see, the missing wood shakes and torn felt paper at this area of the roof permit any rain or overnight dew to flow directly into the attic. In this instance, an electrical wire and insulation are susceptible to the weather.

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If you have missing wood shakes then your roof is only being protected by the felt underlayment. Once the black felt underlayment is exposed to the sun it begins to break down, as evident from the above photos. It doesn’t take long before the underlayment becomes brittle and eventually breaks down, causing a hole which allows water into your attic. Contact us to schedule an appointment to go over your roof concerns and provide you with a free estimate. You’ll be glad you did!

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