How to Safely Walk on Your Roof

Walking on A roof in Orange County

Make Sure You Safely Walk on Your Roof

We are in the holiday season, which could also be called the season of the roof. Why you may ask? Simply because people find their way up there this time of year. Whether it be you trying to hang your lights up on the house to get into the holiday spirit or Santa and his sleigh perched on your roof while he attempts to fit down your chimney. Whatever the reason may be, Western Roofing Systems wants to make sure your roof is safe while engaging in these or other activities, so we provided a few tips to consider.

Plan the day:

If you do make the decision to safely walk on your roof, make sure to plan the day. The weather has a large impact on how your roof reacts to the elements. Roof shingles tend to be brittle when subjected to cold weather and softer in the hot weather, both of which can have damage done to if stepped on incorrectly. So be sure to plan on the correct time of day (winter/afternoon , summer/morning).

Not only is it destructive to walk on your roof in certain weather, it is also a hazard for your own well being. Nobody should be on the roof when it is icy or wet for obvious reasons. A standard roofing material for residential homes is asphalt which gets fairly very slippery when wet. Do not go on your roof if weather is unfavorable, regardless of a harsh storm or light rain. —call roofing pro


Make sure you are using the proper equipment to safely walk on your roof. If you are using a ladder, make sure you are not next to any power lines when setting it against the wall or blocking a doorway. You should also be wearing the right shoes, either boots or some form of high traction shoes to increase the likelihood of walkability. Some professionals make use of equipment such harnesses, ropes, brackets, etc. which illustrates the precautions made, even by someone experienced, when going on the roof.

Have someone with you:

Make sure somebody is with you (not necessarily on the roof) just in case you run into any trouble while up there. The roof is not a place to “hangout.” Someone should only go up there if absolutely necessary, and even then it should be a hired professional.

Safely Walk on Your Roof

Watch Your Step:

Keep in mind minimizing the potential damage to yourself and your shingle roof. Make sure you are using controlled, small steps when trying to safely walk on your roof. Use discernment; observe the structural integrity of your roof to see where you should not walk. Avoid damaged areas, such as splits, loose shingles, or old and brittle looking tiles in order to mitigate more damage to the roof. Also it is stressed throughout the article of how walking on roofs is dangerous. Perhaps your roof has a steep pitch, making it very difficult to get a foot holding. It would be best in this situation to let someone who is trained and experienced to be on your roof.

Walking on asphalt shingles is especially tricky because they are easily damaged if walked on incorrectly. Some asphalt shingles are designed to help with runoff/drainage off the roof, but the granules that supplement this process can be damaged by stepping on them. This degrades the quality and utility of the roof.

In conclusion, walking on your roof is not something done casually. There should be a lot of time and thought put into the idea and should not be taken lightly as an activity. Not only could you hurt yourself but also bring harm to your roof. Make sure you are extra cautious this season, and stay safe . Hopefully Santa and his reindeer know by now how to safely walk on your roof.

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