Is Your Roof in Orange County a Backdoor? #2

Sometimes locking the door is not enough to keep your home safe. Most home intruders want to take what you have, but the particular home intruders we are talking about just destroy what you have. Animals are constantly trying to find shelter in highly urbanized areas, like ours in Orange County, and your attic could potentially be their long term residence. At times, your roof in Orange County can serve as an entry point for these critters. Here are a few animals that want to be your roommates. This post is the second in a series of articles pertaining to animals that may potentially inhabit your home.

Snakes in the Attic

When we think of snakes, we typically imagine them slithering on the ground, but some homeowners have an unpleasant surprise when they find a snake in their attic. Snakes excel at climbing different surfaces, whether it be a trees and even certain kinds of walls. So it makes sense if your roof in Orange County is damaged that a snake may seek refuge in your attic. Since they move about on their bellies, snakes are usually known as the silent visitor. An indicator that may be useful for assessing if the animal in your attic is a snake would be their shedded skin. Another thing is that snakes follow their food source; if you have a snake in your attic, it is highly possible that you have rodents as well.

Rats Entering Your Orange County Roof

Rats are usually public enemy #1 when it comes to rodents in the house, so it is not surprising that they may be scurrying about in your attic. Rats are highly adaptable to human urbanization and can find food and shelter with ease in most cities. There are a few issues to follow when a house has rats. First of all they love to chew on things. One indicator that you have rats is checking for chew marks on wires and cables. These rodents are nocturnal, so if you hear scratching and skittering about at night, that may also be a sign of a rat problem. One thing to keep in mind is that rats are extroverts; this means that if you see one rat in your house it probably is not alone. Rats are also carriers of parasites and diseases, so ridding your house of these rodents is a necessary step for protecting your health.

After seeing the kinds of animals that may want to live in your home, rent free, you should be proactive and take preventative measures.
Examine your roof to see if there are any points of entry. Here are some things you should be looking out for:

  • damage to your roof such as holes
  • impaired roof sheathing
  • broken shingles
  • leaks

If you find anything listed above, consider repairing it as soon as possible. Even the smallest hole in your roof in Orange County
can lead to an infestation, so make sure your home and family are safe.

Do you hear strange sounds from your attic?

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