Is Your Roof in Orange County a Backdoor? #1

Those who are welcomed into your home are usually let in through the front door, but you may be entertaining unwelcome guests who find their own way inside your residence by using your roof in Orange County. Animals are trying to find a home in highly urbanized areas, and they are more than willing to live in your house. An attic is one place where your family probably will not spend most of their time, so animals can go on living up there relatively unnoticed. So if you have a point of entry in your roof, you may have a long term visitor. This post is the first in a series of articles pertaining to animals that may potentially inhabit your home.

Bats in your attic?

Bats are one of the more common visitors when it comes to attics. They can live in an attic for some time without being detected since they are relatively silent, flying around the open space. Observing them coming and going from the house would be the optimal way to be absolutely sure that you have a problem, but bats leave large hints of their existence. For instance, the guano (poop) from the bats leave a distinctive odor and accumulate in specific spots. Since bats can squeeze through small holes, some as tiny as ½ an inch, it would not be out of the ordinary if a bat colony decides to squat in your attic if your roof in Orange County has a point of entry.

Raccoons don’t just get into trash cans

Another unwanted guest that you may be entertaining is a raccoon. They are another relatively common animal that would prefer living in your attic; this should not be surprising since they are excellent climbers and willing to squeeze through small gaps. For raccoons, the attic is an ideal living space because it provides safety and shelter. Raccoons are scavengers, so finding food is not really a problem for them, even in urban areas. Something to keep in mind is that female raccoons almost always have their babies accompanying them in the attic. Another thing to consider is the time of year. If there is a Raccoon in your attic during the spring time, perhaps from early February to late May, then there is a high possibility that the raccoon has babies with her. In that case, the babies would have to be removed with the mother and only by hand. These critters find there way on your roof in Orange County, so make sure your home is protected.

In conclusion, it would be better to not have to deal with kicking one of these animals out of your home. Instead you should take proactive steps. First of all, you should examine your roof to see if there are any points of entry. If there is damage to your roof such as holes, impaired roof sheathing, broken shingles, or leaks, you should consider repairing it as soon as possible. Even the smallest hole can lead to an infestation, so make sure you and your house is protected. Luckily, we can assist you on your roof in Orange County.

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