Replacing your roof in Riverside? Read this first.

Riverside Victorian stone coated steel roof installation.

Riverside Stone Coated Steel Roof Installation

If you’re thinking of replacing your roof in Riverside, consider using a style of roof that is lightweight and durable; stone coated steel roofing. In the case of this Victorian Style home in Riverside, our Metroshake style in Western Wood complemented the home beautifully and simulated the original wood shake look, while still providing affordable, energy efficient, long-lasting protection.

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Here is why you should consider stone coated steel roofing.

  • Long Lasting
  • Energy Efficient
  • Fire-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Protects better against the elements
  • Price
  • Fit the surrounding home and roof styles

Replacing your roof in Riverside reduces fire danger

This particular job originally had a wood shake roof that was old and in need of replacement. Additionally, the roof was no longer allowed by the Riverside building code due to fire danger. Having a wood shake roof in fire-prone areas can be risky and especially stressful for homeowners during fire season. By installing a stone coated steel roof, the homeowners were able to satisfy the building code and gain peace of mind with a fire-resistant roof.

Old wood shake roof in Riverside not safe to walk on

A steeply angled roof can provide an additional challenge for roof installers. Once the old roof was removed on this property, we then added a 1”X 2” batten system laid out to the size of the steel roof to the create a walkable roof and safer environment for our installers to work on without fear of slipping. These steep jobs take slightly longer to complete than a normal pitched roof. However, to ensure the safety of our installers and the homeowner’s property, we gladly take these extra steps when installing a steep steel roof.

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