Pros and Cons of a Flat Roof

So you are interested in learning a little more about flat roofs? Perhaps you are looking to remodel your home, or you are about to buy a new home, or you are just curious! For whatever reason it may be, you found this article about pros and cons of having a flat roof. This is something not discussed too often, so hopefully we can give you some insight to help you decide what choice is right for your home.

Pro: Price

Roofs that have an incline usually have more components, such as rafters and trusses, that often go into the installation process. The less materials needed to install the roof, the less money spent. At times, having a flat roof can mean an easier installation in comparison to a roof at an angle. The lack of an incline simply means the professional installing your roof will be able to navigate the layout easier during the process which could ultimately mean less time spent installing.

Con: Heat

Think of it this way. Throughout different times of the day, only part of your roof is exposed to the sun. But when your roof is flat, exposure to the sun happens for a lot longer, heating up the whole roof simultaneously. With that being said, more heat is being absorbed by the flatter roof. This could especially be a concern for us here in California due to our abundance of sunlight!

Pros and Cons of a Flat Roof

Pro: Useable Space

One of the pros is just the utility that flat roofs have to offer. For instance, your AC units can be placed on the roof instead of the ground, or you can install solar panels (turn that last con mentioned into a pro). If you are interested in solar panel installation in Southern California, our Anaheim team is ready to assist you! Call us at (800) 766-8000 for an inspection. You can also have one of our friendly roofers contact you.

Con: Maintaining

When weighing out some of the pros and cons of having a flatter roof, the negative aspect of higher maintenance might make people question having a flat roof. Think about it. If there is a storm, how well will the water drain on a flat surface? Also branches, leaves, and other types of debri can build up, causing problems with drainage or trapped moisture.

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