Orange County Roof Repair

Has Your Roof Seen Better Days?

For some houses, you can tell right away whether or not a home needs a new roof. If you are in your living space and look up to see a gaping hole, you have a problem. But what about when the signs are not as obvious? Maybe you have a shingle missing here or there but nothing that makes you bat an eye. What we want to do (and you should too) is catch the problem early. It would be in everyone’s best interest if the decision to fix/replace your roof isn’t put off until there’s major damage. Below is a list of items, things to check when looking at your roof to determine if you are in need of an Orange County roof repair.

Check the Shingles:

(We do not advise you to get on your roof. If the roof is damaged, then a misstep could lead to serious injury. Leave this to the professionals.)

It may be very apparent when a roof is need of replacement when ⅓ of the shingles are missing and all the others are worn. Although, most homes are not in this serious state of deterioration, yet they still may need a new roof.

  • First of all, your roof should be examined to see if there are any missing shingles. This could be an indicator that your roof is nearing the end of it’s lifespan and in need of replacement.
  • Observe the slopes of the roof in direct light. If the shingles are curled or buckling, it probably indicates that your roof has gone past its life expectancy and will need replacing soon.
  • If shingles are brittle and breaking off easily, consider how old your roof is. Most traditional roofing materials, except for metal, have a lifespan of around 25-30 years.
  • If your roof seems to be nearing its end, then address that issue as soon as possible before interior damage ensues.

Roof Repair in Orange County

Orange County Roof Repair

Check the Granule Loss:

When cleaning your eavestroughs/gutters, be sure to check if there are excessive amounts of granules collecting there. Some roofing materials, like asphalt, are manufactured with more granules than necessary, so it is common for granule loss to occur. However, you do want to make sure that your roof is not balding. If the erosion of granules on your roof covers large areas (spanning acrossing multiple shingles in different areas), then replacing the roof may be necessary. Roofs usually lose more granules as they come closer to their lifespan’s end. Inconsistent coloring on your roof could be a sign of granule loss.

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So don’t put off the inevitable or wait until you can see the sun shining through your ceiling! Western Roofing Systems has been apart of communities across California for many years. If you are looking for a trustworthy roofing contractor that can get the job done, then look no further. Whether you need a roof repair or a completely new roof installation, we are here to help you make an informed decision. We have lots of experience when it comes to knowing what roof will best suit a home and keep a family protected for years to come.

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