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Anaheim installating a cool roof

When it comes to “Cool Roofs” in Orange County, Western Roofing Systems provides excellent services for installation. What makes a cool roof unique in comparison to other standard roof tiles is that it is designed to repel heat. The materials we use for cool roofs are specifically created with the intention to keep your roof at lower degrees during the peaks of California heat. What makes this possible is that cool roofs have two properties that non-rated roofs lack: they reflect the sun better and dissipate heat more efficiently.

Anaheim Cool Roof Installation

Cool roofs have the ability to give off heat rather than absorb and hold it. In fact, subjected to the same heat intensity simulating the sun’s radiation, and with a thermal emittance of up to 86%, Boral Roofing’s Cool Roof tile products (right) perform better than most products on the market today (left). Here, we see an amazing 45-degree difference! Getting your home an Anaheim cool roof installation can really change how you experience the summer.

Installing a Cool Roof in Anaheim

Cool Roof Installation in Anaheim

The Difference Made by Having a Cool Roof in Orange County

Instead of the roofing tiles resting directly against the underlayment, the cool roof system we can provide, using Boral Products, is designed for the tiles to be installed on elevated battens, thereby raising the tiles above the roof deck and allowing continuous free air flow from the roof’s bottom edge, or eave, all the way to its top point, or ridge.

Shown in the photo below is a concept Green House built in 2011 by homebuilder KB HOME COMPANY in partnership with famed designer Martha Stewart. The home was designed using the Elevated Batten System and the same concrete tiles that we use in our installations to help the Concept Home achieve Net Zero energy status. We can provide a similar service with regard to cool roof installations anywhere in California.

Anaheim Cool Roof Installation

  • Lower Utility Bills: PG&E expects a typical home will experience a reduction of 10% to 20% in air conditioning-related energy consumption.
  • Lower Energy Costs During Peak Periods: The roof tiles we use for our Anaheim cool roof installation can help you save on high energy costs during peak “time-of-metering” demand periods.
  • Cool Roof Rebates: Boral Roofing Cool Roof products may qualify for PG&E and SCE Cool Roof Rebate Programs that can rebate you as much as 20-cents per square foot of installation.
  • Longer-Lasting Roof The cool roof-rated products we use protect your roof’s underlayment by reducing heat stress which can cause premature failure.

Additional Benefits of Clay and Concrete Cool Roof in California

  • Heat Flux: Boral Roofing’s Clay and Concrete Cool Roof products help limit ceiling heat fluctuation that can minimizing dramatic swings in ceiling temperatures which saves energy and reduces strain placed on your home cooling systems, especially during expensive peak periods.
  • Tile Roofing Products Hold Heat: The products that Western Roofing Systems uses absorb less heat and release the heat faster than asphalt shingles for greater energy efficiency; this makes an Anaheim cool roof installation even more essential due to our intense summer heat waves.

Anaheim Cool Roof Installation

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