Do not patch your roof California


Looking for the cheapest roof repair? We can’t emphasize enough; Do not patch your roof California.

You should know why patching your roof is not the best idea.

I was heading into the office today. As usual, the drive started off quite nicely; every morning the first 10 mintues of my commute from Anaheim to the Coast cities is quite nice. About ten minutes into my commute however, the drive comes to a crawl. Yep, California traffic; we also have it in Orange County not just Los Angeles; granted it’s not as bad.

Don’t Patch your roof California; REPAIR your roof!

As I was driving at about 10 miles per hour on the 55 Freeway, I saw a truck with a sign that read “Patch your roof, don’t replace it”. At first I thought, there goes another roofing company but, this got me thinking. Why would anyone tell you to patch your roof and not replace it or fix the underlying problem?

Think about the consequences for not fixing your roof in California.

Actually fixing your roof properly does cost a bit more but it can save you so many headaches down the roof. Not to mention the structural integrity of your home or commercial building.

  • Wood decay
    If you have a roof problem; be it a leak or missing tiles, not taking care of the problem would leave your roof and entire home exposed to environmental effects at a greater scale.
  • Property value in Orange County impacted by roof condition.
    Choosing to neglect your homes roof condition is only going to affect the overall value of your home. By taking care of, maintaining and hiring the right roofing professionals for any roof repair or replacement is crucial not only to the longevity of your roof but also your homes overal structure.
  • California roof mold build-up in the attic spreads into your living areas.
    The title here says it all. We’ve added a few photos to get the message across clearly. The last thing you want to have in your home’s ceiling/attic area is mold build-up. Mold build-up in your roof’s attic area is not just a sign of wood decay but also AIR CONTAMINATION!

Costly roof repair expenses add up if you only patch your roof in California

From Orange County, Los Angeles to roof repairs, roof replacements or roof installation in Campbell, CA; our roofing professionals will advise you on the best solution for your roof so you do not have to worry about potential roof mold build up or other roof structural issues.

Don’t just fix your roof; cut your California
utility bill with a Solar roof system.

Additionally, a roofing company offering to “just patch” your roof will not have your best interests in mind. Not only have we been a roofing company in California, we also provide photovoltaic solar roofing systems to help you save money on your electric utility bills. We have financing options available to help get the best roofing solutions for your home or commercial property.

Save money, repair or replace your roof today.

Save money on your utility bill, ask us about solar roofing systems .

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Don’t patch your roof California.