New roof stops roof leak!

What can I say? Kory and the guys at Western Roofing were great and very attentive to my needs. I had a roof leak that was only getting worst as El Nino season was slowly approaching. It was very difficult to find a roofer at the time and not a lot of guys have good reviews. Western Roofing was one of the exceptions. But these guys were soo booked up (due to El Nino 2016) when I wanted to get my roof repapered and it wasn’t going to be but a few weeks later after my initial meeting were they able to come out to work on my roof.

Kory made sure that they would at least fix my leak well before any rain would come – I think it was just a few days after our meeting that he sent his guys out to take a look at the roof and do their thing. Rest a sure I made it thru a few heavy rain storms with no leaks.

Finally after a few weeks of waiting Kory’s crew arrived and started work on the roof – Juan the guy in charge of the crew there was very pleasant to work with. He introduced himself to me and gave me his contact info and made sure that all my questions and concerns would be taken care of while they were working on site. These guys were great and I was very happy with their work and craftsmanship. They made sure to keep the work area cleaned and sweep up everyday. I didn’t find any nails in my driveway or anywhere around the house while they were working on my roof. They certainly kept all the trash to a minimal and kept it clean and tidy. I noticed that they even laid down traps to throw all the broken tiles in so that the dust didn’t get all over my driveway. That was very much appreciated!

We did get hit with a few wind storms (70+ MPH winds) and even some heavy rain while they were working on my roof – luckily these guys knew what they were doing and I never had any leaks in the house even with the tiles not yet set. They certainly checked for damages after the storm and made sure to repair everything.

Juan was a great guy to work with – arrived on time every day and made sure to check in with me to see if I had any questions and would let me know if they weren’t going to be there the next day due to weather or whatever. Another one of Kory’s staff that I was fortunate enough to work with was John – he’s the one who scheduled everything and would periodically check in. If I ever needed anything and couldn’t get in contact with Juan – I would call John and he was always there to help.

I highly recommend these guys – they know what they’re doing and they are good at it. I can stand by this and say that I’ve been hit with some heavy rain since they’ve finished and still no leaks. Should’ve called them earlier when I knew I had a leak – maybe I wouldn’t have to deal with the water damage that I have now.

Ask about Solar – these guys do that also. After the roofers were done Kory’s solar crew came out and installed everything for us and they carry the good stuff – Sun Power not the other knock off cheapy stuff panels and inverters. No complaints about the solar guys also – they pay attention the details and were in and out in no time.

Source: Yelp!