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Situated on a quiet cul-de-sac in Huntington Beach is this spacious two-story home built in the early 1980s. The homeowner, an engineer at McDonnell-Douglas, is highly invested in energy conservation. He even designed, engineered and built his own all-electric vehicle and had it registered and licensed for use on all public roadways. Pretty amazing…

Huntington Beach Roof Installation

When the home was built in Orange County, the developer installed a Spanish style tile that was made from standard weight concrete, weighing approximately 1,000 pounds per 100 square feet. Over the years, primarily due to changes in weather patterns and natural ground movements, the tile had not only cracked in multiple places, but also, like a coarse sandpaper, wore through the roof’s original roofing underlayment. This caused leaking in various places. So it was no wonder he turned to us for his Huntington Beach roof installation in Southern California.

The homeowner wanted to stay with the same or similar Spanish style roof, yet wanted a technologically-advanced roofing material offering unique features and benefits (check out cool roof features).

Installing roofs in Huntington Beach

Roof Installation in Huntington Beach
Huntington beach Roof Repair

In comes SOLAR

At the same time, they wanted to install a new solar energy system to handle all of the family’s electrical needs, including the new and current all-electric vehicles. So they turned to us for their Huntington Beach solar roof installation.

Huntington Beach Roof installation solution selected by the homeowner

The homeowner opted for a Metro Roof product called Roman Tile with the following benefits:
  • an eight-layer construction
  • 50-year life expectancy
  • Durable metal roofing product
  • Offers excellent thermal properties
  • keeps the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • lighter than standard weight concrete roofing materials

The lighter weight feature, alone, relieves the home of an enormous amount of weight which can create stress areas on doors and windows.

Another advanced feature was the underlayment. Instead of installing typical “felt” paper, which one can tear with their hands, we installed a 50-year grade synthetic material that cannot be torn, and can essentially outlast the life of the roof while keeping the home free from any water leaking issues. After obtaining a building permit from the city, the job took our crew approximately one week to complete the roof installation in Huntington Beach. The homeowner was overwhelmed with how well his new roofing and solar system project turned out. Time to do another roof…

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