Myth #6: the Lightning Myth!

When you consider all the different possibilities for a new roofing material, does metal come to mind? Stone coated steel shingles have become quite popular in many parts of Orange County due to all the different benefits they can provide. But some people are still skeptical about metal roofing because of the rumors they may have heard from a friend or online. We are here to set things straight; below is a metal roofing myth that is in desperate need of clearing up.

Myth: Lightning is Attracted to Metal Roofs

Having a metal roof does NOT increase the chance of your house being struck by lightning. Houses with metal roofs are not struck by lightning more frequently than those with other materials. Metal does serve as a conductor for electricity, but lightning is not more attracted to metal. If lightning were to strike a metal roof, it would behave like any other traditional material, guiding the current to the ground and keeping the people inside safe. Also, metal roofs are made of a non-combustible material. That would serve as an additional safety feature against lightning strikes. If you are in California, and you’re interested in what metal roofs can offer, contact our Orange County team at (800) 766-8000 . You can also request a callback.

Metal Roofing Myth

Another Metal Roofing Myth Busted!

In short, you can rest assured that metal roofing is safe. The fact that it is fire resistant makes stone coated steel shingles even safer than most materials. Western Roofing Systems has been working with metal roofs for years. We understand how many benefits they have! When we hear a metal roofing myth, our team is determined to set the record straight. Read about some of the other myths we busted below.

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