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True life-span of a Mission Viejo Asphalt Shingle Roof.

Sometimes, we buy a product thinking the manufacturer warranty has us covered for the duration of the “labeled” expected product life expectancy. What we fail to take into account are all the factors that can influence the actual lifespan of a product. In this post, we are referring to asphalt shingle roofs in Mission Viejo.

Satisfied Mission Viejo asphalt tile roof owners.

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A well informed roof consumer is a smart consumer; at least we think so. Western Roofing Systems helps it’s new roof or solar system owners understand the complexities of buying a new roof. Our experienced roofs will explain the manufacturer’s product warranty and life expectancy of a product under “ideal conditions”. This is to say, just because a product says it’s warranted for 40 years, doesn’t mean it’s really going to last for 40 years.

Mission Viejo asphalt shingle roof replacement

Western Roofing Systems had the opportunity to replace an existing 22-year old, stone coated tile roof in Mission Viejo, CA. Our client asked about it’s 40 year warranty but after we explained the true life expectancy is determined by environmental factors, they were a bit surprised the previous roofing company had not educated them about this.

After informing the client on the benefits of an Asphalt shingle roof for their Mission Viejo home, they were delighted to know they would get a long lasting roof at a reasonable price.

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