Metro Steel Cottage Shingles

Metro Steel Cottage Shingle Roof Replacement in Mission Viejo

Upgrading the Look of Your Home

As a successful realtor and concerned homeowner, Dave Gubler and his wife Ingrid wanted a new roof that would enhance the aesthetic appeal of their home. The original roof was made out of wood shake. Needing to replace the worn out wood shake roof, the previous homeowner had replaced the wood shake material with an asphalt shingle 18 years ago. To upgrade the look of their home and pick up several other benefits, the Gubler family decided to go with a Metro Steel Cottage Shingle roof replacement in Mission Viejo. Beyond achieving a thicker looking roof, this roofing material will also allow the home to be cooler given the unique benefit of steel panels.

Mission Viejo Metro Cottage Steel Roof Replacement

California  Metro Steel Steel Cottage Shingle Roof

Metro Steel Cottage Shingle roof replacement in Mission Viejo

When installed, stone coated steel panels have an air gap that enhances a roof’s ability to keep the attic and home cooler. In addition, a metal roof will cool within minutes after the sun’s energy is not shining on the roof; therefore, the metal roof will release its energy immediately. The asphalt shingle does not have an air gap nor will it release its energy quickly due to the asphalt holding on to the heat for hours. As a result, the Gubler’s can anticipate that they will not use as much energy to cool the home, and the home will be naturally cooler even when not using the air conditioner. This Metro Steel Cottage Shingle roof replacement in Mission Viejo illustrates how replacing your roof can not only provide aesthetically pleasing results, but also save you money while being energy efficient.

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