Los Angeles Flat Roof Replacement

Los Angeles Flat Roof Replacement Meets Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards

Cool roof materials are required in Los Angeles. Cool roofs are designed to reflect sunlight and absorb less heat from the hot Southern California sun than regular roofing materials. With many older bungalow style homes in the city of Los Angeles, many roofs are in need of replacement to meet these standards.

Challenges of Replacing the Roof on an Older Home

Older homes often come with additional challenges when it comes to reroofing them. During this Los Angeles flat roof replacement, we discovered that over the years, previous owners had done structural additions and added up to six layers of roofing materials in some areas. Once all old layers were removed, our team corrected pitch issues in the roof to allow for proper drainage. Termite and dry rot damaged substrate also needed to be repaired, along with sub-par previous construction. In addition, we found all the roof drain scuppers had deteriorated and needed to be replaced along with roof to wall z-bar flashing.

Ensuring Quality Work to Prevent Future Roof Issues

Working with the homeowner, we also determined there were additional roofing details that should be done to ensure this Los Angeles flat roof replacement would not only be reliable for years to come, but would also be aesthetically pleasing. All new metal flashings were installed around the plumbing vents and a three-ply roofing system was applied in a torch down process. We also added gravity vents to help ventilate the home’s attic space. Attention to detail was paramount as all seams were meticulously inspected and all tar bleed-out areas at each seam was also coated with additional elastomeric coating. This was done to maximize the reflective cool roof properties of the roof and provide a visually pleasing finished appearance. Once the roof was completed, we also installed all new clay tile trim to the parapet walls to to complete our project.

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