Lake Forest Metal Roof Installation


A Lake Forest, California homeowner removes the wood shake roof from their house to install Metro steel shake. The old wood shake roof was deteriorating at a rapid rate and on the verge of creating problems for the home. After considering the different roofing materials available to them, the homeowners ultimately wanted to go with metal. So, Western Roofing Systems, your premiere roofing contractor, stepped in to get the job done. Out of the different styling options of stone-coated steel panels (shake, tile, shingle), the homeowner decided to go with Metro steel shake which best fit the exterior look of their home. And with that decision being made, the Lake Forest metal roof installation began.

Wood Shake Roofs

Wood shingle and shake roofs may look enticing in an authentic way, but the material is considerably outdated when comparing it to stone coated steel roofing materials available today. When moisture gets trapped in the wood and is prevented from drying, the material can deteriorate. Obvious signs of softness and rot are somethings to look out for when inspecting your wooden roof. Wood as a roofing material is also affected by the dryness. The sun’s heat can dehydrate a wooden roof shingle/shake. This in turn causes the material to become very brittle, opening up the potential for splitting. Homes with wooden roofs in areas with beaches or deserts can be affected by sand erosion as the wind caries grains of sand through the air. Wood is also more susceptible to moss and mildew, taking away from the roofs quality and adding more work in order to maintain it.

Metal Roof Installation in Lake Forest


Metal Roofs

Metal roofing materials have so much benefit over most of the other options out there. They have one of the longest life cycles of any material. Some design features available for stone-coated steel materials include: lightweight, walkability, flame resistanace, etc. Due to the many features and longevity of the product (with some warranties being 50 years minimum), metal roofing has become a popular choice. The Lake Forest metal roof installation our team performed resulted in a beautiful roof that will protect the home for many years to come. The homeowner was attracted to the different qualities that metal has to offer over other materials. At Western Roofing Systems, we want to make sure that you and your home are safe, and metal roofing materials can get that job done.

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