Laguna Beach Solar Roof Installation

Laguna beach Solar Roof installation

Guess Where Solar Is Hot

To generate massive amounts of energy from rooftop solar panels, you need two things – a lot of access to sunshine and a lot of roof space. As it turns out, houses in Orange County have both of these qualities. According to a report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Orange County is one of the most solar-ready regions in the country. “You guys have a fantastic place for solar – there’s no question about that,” said Pieter Gagnon, the report’s lead author.

California, overall, fared well in the rooftop survey. The state could generate 74 percent of its 2013 electricity demand using rooftop solar panels – the highest percentage in the nation, according to the report. And the typical roof for a small building in the Los Angeles County/Orange County region has enough space for solar panels to generate more electricity than the building consumes. So Laguna Beach solar roof installation services would be very beneficial for the current homeowners.

The Local Solar Roof Market Strengths in California

Buildings here in Orange County are generally more energy-efficient than buildings nationally. An increase in Laguna Beach solar roof installation would supplement this efficiency. Also, compared with many other regions, there are fewer trees or other high objects that can block sunlight from solar panels systems. The potential for solar energy is already becoming evident in real-life production. Southern California Edison, which provides electricity to most of Orange County, connected more solar panels to the grid last year than any other utility in the country – 1,258 megawatts, enough power to sustain around 943,000 households. San Diego Gas & Electric, which delivers energy to south Orange County, came in fourth, with 441 megawatts, or about 308,000 homes. The switch to increase efficiency in energy provision will eventually lead to a trend in Laguna Beach solar roof installation.

In all, about a quarter of the energy sold by Southern California Edison, and more than one-third of the energy sold by San Diego Gas & Electric, came from renewables. These figures do not include residential rooftop solar, indicating the real percentage of renewables is higher. By 2030, half of the electricity sold by California utilities must come from renewable sources, such as solar, according to a State mandate.

Laguna beach Solar panel installation

Gagnon, the report’s author, noted another big opportunity: Though most solar technology is installed on residential roofs, commercial rooftops ultimately could generate even more electricity. Solar panels on office buildings could take advantage of energy generated at midday, when most people are at work and houses are empty. When considering the opportunity for Laguna Beach solar roof installation services, take into account the potential savings to your energy budget.

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