Homeowner Replaces Roof Prior To Selling Home

Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair in Lake Forest

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement in Lake Forest

Wanting to sell their home, but not looking forward to having to negotiate with a potential buyer on items that needed some TLC, the Miller family decided to take care of their home’s need for a new roof before placing the home one the market. After discussing material choices with our estimator, the Miller’s decided to stick with the same material that was already on the home. This asphalt shingle roof replacement in Lake Forest added value to the home that the sellers were able to benefit from.

Asphalt Shingles Past Their Prime Show Granule Loss

The original asphalt shingle roof was showing significant granule loss. Once a shingle roof has granule loss as significant as the Miller’s roof, the asphalt base gets very dry, and the roof will struggle to hold back water intrusion from prolonged rain.

Aesthetically, the home really needed to upgrade the appearance since the granules were nearly all gone and the material showing was the shiny fiberglass mat that binds the asphalt roof. This asphalt shingle roof replacement in Lake Forest allowed the homeowners to provide an impactful first impression to potential buyers and while maximizing their profit.

Western Roofing Systems Gets the Job Done Quickly

The Millers were hoping to have their asphalt shingle roof replacement in Lake Forest completed right away. Without delay, Western Roofing Systems was able to remove the old roof a week later and within four days, the new asphalt shingle roof from Malarkey was complete. The Millers were able to proceed with the sale of their home in a timely fashion thanks to the efficient work of our team.

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