Green Environment

Choose a Metro Steel Roof!

Every Metro profile is manufactured using the planets most recycled material… steel! Metro’s AZ-50 *Galvalume® steel is a long-life, proven product that is the construction industries top choice for corrosion resistant steel building products. With a Metro roof over head your home can rest easy, being protected by a heart of steel covered with attractive stone granules that are Fire, Wind and Hail-Impact resistant for years to come.


Metro is made from AZ-50 *Galvalume® steel, the most recycled product on the planet! – Source AISI Website


Natural, non-oiled, granite stone is ground to Metro’s unique 18-grade size to provide a tight coating matrix for long-life and durability.

RAIN WATER COLLECTION Rain water collection from a Metro roof, is within the World Health Organization’s toxicity limits for drinking water quality.

ENERGY STAR RATING Summer of 2007, Metro will launch ‘Energy Star’ qualifying colors for reflectivity that help reduce the energy needed to cool your home.

ABOVE DECK VENTILATION Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) 12-month study on the effects of high-IR pigments vs. metal roofs installed with an airspace. Results were dramatic and proved an airspace above the roof deck and beneath the roof provides exceptional energy savings equal to or greater than installing a highly reflective pigmented roof.

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