What! A Five Million Dollar “Tear Down” Conclusion

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In our previous article, we saw how our client purchased a home for five million dollars simply for the location. The new property owner tore down the existing house to the foundation in order to build their new dream home. Western Roofing Systems, our Orange County Roofing Contractor business, was selected to install a new roof for the home being constructed. There were obstacles we had to overcome, but we were able to provide solutions in order to deliver high quality service.

When viewing the finished look of the home from the street, as in the photo gallery, the roof appears to be standing seam throughout. Actually there were three roofing systems the architect specified: standing seam, lightweight concrete tile, and modified bitumen (low slope). The lightweight tile would be visible from certain vantage points around the home while the modified bitumen would not.

The issues our technician spotted that needed correcting primarily dealt with drainage and transition. Some of the plywood decking had to be removed, shimmed, and reinstalled to create the required slope for proper drainage. Likewise, where one roofing material ended and another began had to be reconstructed so that the points of transition were not only properly constructed and seamless to the eye, but also prevented any water from entering through those points and causing damage. Our Orange County Roofing Contractor business was able to achieve this. Each of these issues were addressed and corrected, allowing all three new roofing systems to fit and work together as originally planned.

For the standing seam, Western Roofing Systems spec’d in Custom-Bilt Metals, a leader in metal roofing systems. For the concrete tile, Western Roofing spec’d in a top-end product from BORAL ROOFING called “Saxony Slate.” This will give the home the look and beauty of real slate while providing the superb durability, and walkability of concrete tile.

Rounding out the three roofing systems is the flat and low-slope roofing material. For that, Western chose a superior product from GAF called Ruberoid EnergyCap, a three-ply, torch-down, roofing system engineered and made to last for many years. Once the work was underway for our Orange County roofing contractor, the entire roofing project took approximately three weeks to complete. Collaborators such as the developer, general contractor, and architect were extremely pleased with the outcome of the three-roof roofing system, especially the overall superb fit and finish throughout.

So no matter what type of roofing system you are interested in having for your home – Standing Seam , Tile, Multi-Layer Metal, Flat or Low-Slope, or Asphalt Composition Shingle – turn to the number one Orange County Roofing contractor, Western Roofing Systems. Since 1992 the most trusted name in residential and commercial roofing in Orange County.

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