What! A Five Million Dollar “Tear Down.” #1

Working With an Orange County Roofing Contractor

Recently a coastal home built in the 1960s was purchased for a staggering $5 million, which at the time did not seem like a lot of money, given its beachside location, except for the fact that the home would face a wrecking ball and bulldozer soon after closing escrow.

Yes, the home was completely demolished, including its solid concrete foundation, and the entire lot reengineered in preparation for its 8,000 square foot successor:

Although a builder-spec home, no expense was spared anywhere in the building of this very special and unique home, including the nearly $100,000 Standing Seam Metal Roofing System.

Enter the premier Orange County roofing contractor, Western Roofing Systems located in Anaheim, California. Having installed standing seam roofing systems for such entities as Shell Oil, Disneyland, and Universal Studios, Western Roofing Systems is known throughout Orange County for their top-notch quality and craftsmanship, and is the “go-to” Orange County roofing contractor for consumers and contractors alike when it comes to standing seam roofing.

When the home’s standing seam roofing system was to be installed, team Western had numerous meetings at the building site with the General Contractor, Lead Architect, and Interior Designer, as well as other sub-contractors who were part of this project. Most of the meetings were conducted atop the vast, single-story roof where all issues and details related to the new roof could be visualized and addressed.

Any custom-built home project of this magnitude is sure to have its share of issues and challenges for any Orange County roofing contractor, and this project was no exception. After the General Contractor had his people install the plywood roof decking, our technician inspected his installers’ work and immediately spotted several issues that had to be corrected before any of the roofing materials could be applied and installed.

In order to be successful with the roofing installation, Western Roofing Systems, the chosen Orange County Roofing Contractor, had to address the issues at hand and implement solutions to overcome them. Western Roofing Systems not only adapts to the client’s wishes and but the requirements of the building’s style whether it be standing seam, tile, multi-layer metal, flat or low-slope, or asphalt composition shingle. Part 2 to this article will go over the decisions made and actions taken to finalize the standing seam roof; it will also reveal the end result.

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