Roofing Myth #8 The Green Roof

Metal roofs get a pretty bad rep. People will usually imagine an industrial building with one of those unsightly, corrugated roofs when they hear about metal being a potential roofing material for their home. But that is a complete misconception! Metal roofs have come such a long way since their conception and are growing in popularity throughout California! Despite the many benefits that metal provides, there are still certain rumors going around about metal roofs that are completely false and need to be put to rest. This article in particular is meant to educate homeowners on the environmental benefit of metal roofs.

Myth: Metal roofs are a bad material for the environment.

If you are considering “going green” then you should DEFINITELY consider installing a metal roof. Metal roofs can last 2 to 3 times longer than other materials offered on the market (often lasting up to 80 years!) and can be recycled at the end of their lifespan. Other materials commonly go to landfills, and with the more frequent need for replacement, they will end up being dumped in larger amounts. Another environmental benefit of metal roofs is that you can purchase metal roofs that were made from recycled materials!

Environmental Benefit of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs will usually have a coating applied in the manufacturing process in order to increases the protection from hazards such as fungus and moss. Less of these occurrences results in limiting the need for roofing treatments using harmful chemicals to the environment. On top of all that, metal roofs are also energy efficient! If you are convinced of the environmental benefit of metal roofs and are interested in making it your next roofing material, call our roofing office at (800) 766-8000 for an inspection. You can also have one of our friendly roofers contact you.

environmental benefit of metal roofs

Below is a list of other myths we busted for homeowners from San Jose to Orange County!

Myth List:

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