Cottage Shingle: First in the world to get the newest Stone Coated Steel Roof design installed by Western Roofing Systems

Wood Shake roof before tear off.

John Popa, Warren Cross and Andy South working out install details.

Ann Goodman happy with progress of installing Cottage Shingle Stone Coated Steel Roof.

Ann Goodman, a long time resident on a quiet street in La Habra, California decided that her worn out wood shake roof needed to be changed. Her choice, the newest design of a Stone Coated Steel Roof from Metro Roof Products called the Cottage Shingle.

Wanting to change her worn out and wind tattered wood shake roof, Mrs. Goodman has had the opportunity to watch the performance of other roofing materials that have been installed on her neighbors roofs for the last 20 plus years. Among the neighbors, Ann could spot different materials consisting of Asphalt Shingles, Concrete Tiles and Stone Coated Steel roofs, plus the occasional old and worn out wood shake roof. Ann’s goal was to find a material that she would never have to replace and a material that would look nice on her home. Any other benefits would come as a plus but her main goal was to never have to worry about the expense of replacing her roof again.

What occurred to Ann was that of the re roofs done in the last 20 plus years in her neighborhood, the Stone Coated Steel roofs were performing better than roofs of other materials….primarily the Asphalt Shingle roofs. She was recognizing the Asphalt Shingle roofs that her neighbors had installed over the years were either wearing out or the roofs were already replaced; even though the neighbors stated that their Asphalt Shingle roof was warranted for 40 plus years! In Ann’s neighborhood the other predominant material of choice over the years had been Stone Coated Steel roofing. What Ann recognized was that the Steel Roofing material was looking nearly the same after over 20 years installed on the neighbors roofs. Not necessarily wanting the Tile looking design of the neighbors Stone Coated Steel Roofs, Ann reached out to several roofing contractors for recommendations of materials to choose from and pricing associated with the different materials.

Having spoken with Western Roofing Systems several years prior to 2014, Ann wanted to include Western Roofing Systems in the bidding process because of the volume of work that this contractor had done in the neighborhood and because of her experience in dealing with an estimator from Western several years back. Worrying about the condition of her roof several years back, Ann had an estimator from Western assess the need to re roof at that time. Ann was impressed with the honesty of the person from Western Roofing Systems in that he assessed that she had a little more time left in her wood shake roof and that waiting a little while longer wouldn’t harm anything. Rolling forward to 2014, Ann called out Western Roofing Systems to gather their information and to obtain a price quote.

Among the choices that were offered by Western Roofing Systems were a variety of Asphalt Shingle designs and a variety of Stone Coated Steel designs. What stood out to Ann was the newest design of a Stone Coated Steel design by Metro Roof Products called the Cottage Shingle. This design gave her a look that she wanted; plus, it gave her a very walkable roof, a roof that would keep her home cooler that an asphalt shingle roof and a roof that was very affordable…..pricing that surprised her! Priced against the thicker Asphalt Shingle roofs, Ann was surprised that the Cottage Shingle was less expensive than some of the Asphalt Shingle roof designs.

Knowing that Western Roofing Systems has a great reputation and is very experienced with a variety of different Metal Roofing materials, Ann choose Western Roofing Systems to install the very first Cottage Shingle Stone Coated Steel Roof in the world!