Costa Mesa tile roof replacement with skylight

The Costa Mesa tile roof replacement job a complete success!

The existing roof composed of natural wood shake was more than 30 years old and in desperate need of replacing, as depicted in the photos.

On our first meeting the owner made it very clear that they were not ready to purchase. They expressed sincere gratitude for our timeliness, preparation and follow-through but, because they were currently in Nevada, they stood firm on not wanting to move forward until they knew what product they were getting. No worries, we gave them a full free, detailed analysis of their roof situation and pricing. We even covered up gaping holes from missing shakes as seen below.

Costa Mesa Tile Roof Analysis

The missing tile holes at this Costa Mesa tile roof almost visible from living-room area of house

Our inspection of the roof at that time confirmed there was extensive leaking around the skylight and through gaping holes in the roof that opened up to some of the living areas of the home.

Although the home owners wanted to hold-off on making an investment on the home, we felt a moral obligation to offer to cover and seal up the openings in the roof where leaking was occurring, which we did as seen in the photos.

Having no idea as to the type of roof the home-owners wanted and whether or not to install more than the one existing skylight, it took the next six to seven months to sort these things out. Of course our clients solicited and received 5 to 6 more roofing proposals, before finally making a decision to move forward with Western Roofing Systems and their new Costa Mesa tile roof.

Why Western Roofing Systems was finally chosen

Although not immediately chosen for the job after our roof analysis and proposal, the home owners ultimately chose us; Western Roofing System! The owners shared with us that their decision to do so was not based purely on price (we were not the least expensive), but rather on a combination of factors:

  • Our willingness to cover and prevent their roof from further leaks
  • Attention to detail
  • Superb follow-up
  • Returning phone calls
  • Price
  • Patience

Not too long ago we received a call from the owners letting us know how happy they are with their new roof and the new skylight. Their neighbors couldn’t be happier!

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