Costa Mesa Preschool Roof Installation

Costa Mesa Preschool Roof Installation

We often encourage our kids to get off their devices and go play outside to get some fresh air and sunshine. But what if the building our kids were in had no roof? They would have a good excuse to stay inside all day. Well the kids at the Costa Mesa preschool we re-roofed have no excuse to stay inside because their new roof is high quality with a professional finish.

Western Roofing Systems took the opportunity to get another business category under our belt by re-roofing a preschool. Due to the original design of the building and how it was constructed, the Costa Mesa preschool roof installation was not an easy task. However, we were able to overcome the challenges by applying creative solutions. These kinds of jobs keep us on our toes and further increase and refine our specialty services.

The Planning Process

When our services were selected by the preschool to get the job done, we had to make sure that all areas of the roof installation were planned and prepared accordingly. One of our roofing specialists spec’d in and coordinated the installation of the roofing products, skylights, and gutters. We also had a project manager along with his crew to assist in the re-roofing. After we planned out our task delegation, the roof was inspected to see how we wanted to approach the project, and we were met with a challenge due to the roof’s nature.

The Challenges Faced

Little did we know that this Costa Mesa preschool roof installation would be very difficult for our project manager and his crew. The facility was originally three homes built back in the ’40s or ’50s that were basically connected into one large rambling building. So the real challenge for us was derived from the many roofing connections, some of which were not done properly (makeshift), creating odd situations for the roofers to deal with. For example, one of the peak ridges was not straight, but rather very “snake” like, bending and curving along its 45-foot length.

The Costa Mesa Preschool Roof Installation Result

Despite the challenges, we were able to perform the job of re-roofing the preschool by drawing on our past experiences and harnessing our creativity to solve new problems. Our team at Western Roofing Systems was able to work with the oddly shaped roof and outdated construction standards to produce a new, high quality roof for kids and teachers to enjoy for the years to come.

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