Consequences of UV Ray Roof Damage

Think about all the snow that the midwest states can get and the heavy storms recently experienced by the east coast. Aren’t you glad you live in California? Great weather, a lot of sun, and if you really want to see snow, you can drive to it. But there is always a downside. From time to time, it can get pretty hot whether you’re up north in San Jose or down here in Anaheim. So how does this affect your roof? Some of the more obvious threats from nature’s elements tend to be snow, hail, or heavy storms. But do you ever wonder if all that sun beating down on your roof is doing any harm? If so, you were right to wonder. UV ray roof damage is a potential threat to your home; it can contribute to the aging and deterioration of shingles.

Sun Damage in California

The sun is a silent culprit that can sneak up on you. Although it may seem like a beautiful day outside, your roof could still be taking a beating. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause your roofing shingles to dry out which means an increased potential for damage such as cracking and tearing. In particular, shingles made from an asphalt material can be broken down with excess exposure to the sun. The chemical compound making up the shingle can begin to alter if not properly protected (often the job of granules) and speed up the aging process. If your home is suffering from UV ray roof damage, call your California roofing team today at (800) 766-8000 for an inspection. You can also request a callback.

UV Ray Roof Damage

More Consequences of UV Ray Roof Damage

Also, heat can cause the expansion of the shingles which then contract during cooler times of day. This encourages cracking even more. Not only are your shingles in jeopardy, but also gutters, downspouts, and other components connected to your roof will be at risk, potentially being dislodged from the roof, increasing the threat of water damage. If your shingles end up becoming so weak they fall off, you will ultimately be exposed to every other element. It is your responsibility to be aware of your roof’s health!

Is Your Roof Sun Damaged?

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