Concrete Tile

Regardless of the need to remove and replace your existing Concrete Tile roof or you desire to replace your current material with a new Concrete Tile roof, the installation process is very similar.

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Now that many homes with a Concrete Tile roof are 20 plus years old, many homes are experiencing a leaking roof. The leaks are caused by the deterioration of the tar paper underlayment due to extreme sun, debris build up under the Tiles causing a damning effect, broken Tiles allowing direct sun exposure to the underlayment or debris build up in valley’s or roof to wall areas.

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We can area treat a leaking Tile roof by cleaning of debris under the Tiles and/or replacing the tar paper underlayment in small areas that are allowing the leaking or we can remove the entire roof of Tile and install a new tar paper or synthetic underlayment and set the original Concrete Tile back in place.

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