Church metal roof installation in Arcadia

Church metal roof installation in Arcadia

The congregation of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Arcadia, California had a growing concern for the state of their building’s roof. After watching their roof deteriorate for 18 months, they finally decided that something had to be done. The real challenge for the committee members was deciding which material was best suited for their roof. Concrete tile and asphalt were in the running for a new roof material, but nobody was “real crazy” about either one. Another option they considered soon after was to have a church metal roof installation in Arcadia

When considering the option of replacing the current roof with a steel roofing material, the committee was on the fence about it because they were concerned about the church’s aesthetic with a metal roof. Also the building was larger than an ordinary home, so price was also a concern for the church. What they had yet to consider was a material known as stone-coated steel roofing. The specific name for the roof system is MetroShake II, and this material would fulfill the requirements of aesthetic and price.



What gave steel the nod (advantage)

Weight: One of the biggest concerns for the committee was the weight of the roof. The church was built in 1947 with the sanctuary’s roof being composed of a series of A frames with very steep slopes. These steep slopes were a consistent theme for their building as they started adding to the church’s building. The roof’s original material was wood shake, and the chapel had already been reroofed 15 years ago with wood shake. When taking this into account, the committee members were sure they did not want to use concrete tile which could potentially add six times more weight. What they didn’t know was with the stone-coated steel material, the roof’s weight would be slightly reduced, increasing the attractiveness of this material. The church metal roof installation in Arcadia would soon be underway.

Looks: When one thinks steel roof, they probably will have the same thought as the church committee. Perhaps some sort of warehouse or factory; something unappealing, resembling a building of utilitarian qualities. Once they were shown examples of what their steel roof could potentially look like, the members were pleased with what they saw. The only stipulation for the church metal roof installation in Arcadia was that the roof’s current style was to remain the same.

Church metal roof installation in Arcadia: the Project Begins

After factoring in the cost saving potential with limited maintenance and the lifespan of the new Metro Shake II stone coated steel when compared to other materials, it was unanimous that this roofing material was the economical choice. After making this decision, it was highly likely that none of the members would have to worry about replacing their roof again. Part 2 to this article will go over the decisions made and actions taken to finalize the church’s new roof; it will also reveal the end result.

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