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Western Roofing Systems has been a proud part of many communities across California with over 30 years of experience in construction management, ensuring that you have a trustworthy and competent roofing service provider. It is important to us that you have a roof over your head that will last you for years to come. But our services are not limited to residential buildings; we also do commercial. Whether it be a restaurant, retail store, or your local school, at Western Roofing Systems we can accommodate our California roofing services to your specific needs.

Our Previous School Project

One of our more recent projects, which displays the possibility for a wide range in clients/building types, was a school in California.The particular school that was assigned to our team for re-roofing was a challenge due to the building’s design. However, by adjusting our approach and roof design, we were able to successfully complete the roofing project leaving kids, teachers, and parents in the community extremely happy.



Planning our Approach

To be as thorough as possible, we plan out every action and assign our team members and contractors different tasks in order to complete the job efficiently. For our previous school roof installation project, one of our roofing specialists spec’d in and coordinated the installation of the roofing products, skylights, and gutters. Our project manager team also jumped into assist in the re-roofing. After all tasks had been assigned, the roof inspection followed. Even with planning, the project proved to be challenging, but we were able to provide an excellent service using hard work and expertise.

The Hardships

With our experience, we realize the importance of a school roof installation and handle the process with extreme care and precision. Our last school project was originally three homes built back in the ’40s or ’50s that were basically connected into one large rambling building. The areas of high difficulty were apparent where the roofs met (at the connections), which had not been executed correctly in the buildings original construction. This alone created odd situations for us to handle. For example, one of the peak ridges was not straight, but rather very “snake” like, bending and curving along its 45-foot length.

The Result

No matter the school, commercial or residential building, we deliver unmatched quality with our California school roof repairs. To learn more about our school project, click here


Even though the task of installing a new roof can be daunting at times, we are able to accomplish our work using learned roofing techniques regardless of the situation. By adjusting our approach according to the shape of the roof and properly installing the roofing connections, we provide any school with an excellent roof to keep the kids and teachers safe for the years to come. The team here at Western Roofing Systems is confident that we can provide California school roof repairs, resulting in a professional-grade, high quality roof.

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