Benefit of a New Roof

There is a wise, old saying that goes, “You gotta spend money to make money.” The only thing is people take that out of context a lot! Usually people say that jokingly as an excuse before making an impulsive purchase. Well to avoid buyers regret, a lot of people will avoid making large purchases all together in order to save their money. But are you really saving your money by not replacing your roof when needed? Making wise investments is key to managing your finances and actually making money! So let’s talk about the money investment benefit of a new roof

Raise Your Property Value!

It doesn’t take a genius to know that getting a new roof will increase your property value. Although, is it really worth the money you put into it? What is the return on investment? According to Remodeling Magazine, which does extensive research on home renovations and their impact on property values, they found from a nationally conducted survey that having a roof replacement increased the resale value of homes around $14,214. A new roof can be an essential selling point to prospective buyers due to the appeal of it’s aesthetic, functionality, and not having to go through the process of buying a new roof themselves! Whether you are up in San Jose or down here in Anaheim, our team is ready to assist you with your roofing needs! (800) 766-8000. Our experienced roofers provide services from Northern California to Southern California. You can also have one of our friendly roofers contact you.

benefits of a new roof

Get Professional Help!

It was also revealed that homeowners with a new roof installation had a higher return on investment than other major home renovations such as a kitchen or bathroom remodels! Just don’t try installing it yourself; roofing has a lot of moving parts. One wrong decision and you could end up with a poorly installed roof with a lot of problems and a lot of additional expenses for repairs! Also, to use your roof as a selling point, you have to provide documentation to prospective buyers which includes installment date and the contractor who did the work. If it shows that you did it, and you’re not an experienced California roofing contractor, it will definitely deter the buyer when considering quality. The lesson here is that if you are in need of a roof, don’t put off the decision. It won’t fix itself and definitely don’t try to fix the old roof yourself! Return on investment is only one benefit of a new roof, so take the time to consider them all in order to make the best decision for you!

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Thinking of Going Solar?

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